Kachina Dawn

kachina doll

Strong little fella, ain’t he »Buy This Photo!«

They came hurtling down around a blind curve in the singletrack trail, two mountain bikers bent on mayhem. With no time for me to step gracefully out of the way, I leaped into the sagebrush in a single bound, badly scratching my leg. “You’re all right,” the lead idiot yelled as he shot past. Whatever [...]

Kachina Peak with Snow

Kachina Peak

That had better be Kachina Peak (I’ll be awfully upset if it isn’t)

Yes, another mountain. What the hell can I do, the things are everywhere. By the way, that’s half of Taos Mountain on the right. This is of course another telephoto shot from Taos Valley Overlook, taken about three days ago. I was due to go hike yesterday, but it was snowing, and I had to [...]



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