Kachina Peak

Kachina Peak from Taos Valley Overlook

Compare with previous photo, shot in roughly same location »Buy This Photo!«

My wife said this was spooky. I’m pretty well impressed, myself. It’s like the Universe is out to get me, and when it does, it’ll stick a big cigar in my mouth and honk a clown horn! First there was the hummer visitation in the sagebrush ocean. Then three days ago I got yelled at [...]

Where the Cool Stuff Happens

Kachina Peak in clouds

Kachina Peak obscured by clouds (from Taos Valley Overlook) »Buy This Photo!«

“It looks like Nepal,” she said, checking out my photo of Kachina Peak. Yes, it’s amazing what you can produce with Photoshop and a washed-out telephoto image. If only I knew what I was doing, I thought, pulling sliders back and forth to make things happen that I hardly understood, retracing my steps, boosting this [...]



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