Poor Ole Dove

collared dove in the rain

Funny he doesn’t look wet. Everything else is.

I shot this picture of a collared dove through the living room window in the rain. My camera spent the night in the car and got chilled down, so as soon as I brought it indoors, the lens fogged up. That may or may not have anything to do with this photo. I just mention [...]

Hummer Glow

hummingbird in flight

Will bend rule of thirds to make a point

The madness continues! This one from yesterday evening is cool because of the orange light reflecting off the feeder. So many hummingbirds today, also bees. Getting dangerous around here. It’ll be sad when these guys go away again. Almost as sad as when our Rocky Mountain “summer” leaves, the price we paid to leave unending, [...]

Pectorals of Steel

hummingbird in flight

Young male rufous? Maybe female??

Okay, maybe I have the muscles wrong. But look at this guy! I don’t think that’s baby fat. If this thing were six feet tall, you’d wouldn’t want to meet up angry at the bar. We used to have these fly into the kitchen when we lived in San Cristobal (no screens on the windows). [...]

Swan Dive

hummingbird in flight

I hope you have some where you live

Just imagine if this were in focus. I would be a god! I decided to keep it anyway because of the arc of the wings. To hell with me, hummingbirds are gods. Or popcorn, if the cat jumps high enough. A real god would understand. I like this one for the colors and the energy [...]

Final Approach [Revised]

hummingbird in flight

Flaps down and coming in

There were plenty of hummingbirds this evening, mostly rufous females and immature males. I was lucky enough to get some nifty action shots like this one. A couple of these are rather different, and I’ll post more directly. »Buy This Photo!«



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