collared dove

Perfect Dove

Eurasian collared dove

Once saw one swallow 133 sunflower seeds in a row before flying away

This is a Eurasion collared dove resting in late afternoon sunlight. You can read about them here. I like having doves around. By the way, it snowed today, between two and three inches worth. That’s why the out-of-focus background is so light in color. It’s going down to 18 °F tonight. Springtime in the mountains, [...]

Poor Ole Dove

collared dove in the rain

Funny he doesn’t look wet. Everything else is.

I shot this picture of a collared dove through the living room window in the rain. My camera spent the night in the car and got chilled down, so as soon as I brought it indoors, the lens fogged up. That may or may not have anything to do with this photo. I just mention [...]



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