horned toad

Best Baby Horned Toad Ever

baby horned toad

Not so obvious here, but he blended in perfectly with the mat of brown piñon needes

All right, have a look at this! Is that cool or what? The key to understanding this image would be the dried piñon (pine) needles. Some of them are longer than the baby horned toad. This guy isn’t much longer than my thumbnail. A couple centimeters, maybe. You could hide him and his sister in [...]

Horned Toad Lesson: Baby!

baby horned toad

Saw two of these within 20 seconds of each other on the same trail

Thought I’d run out of horned toad photos, eh? Not on your life! This young one is a little over an inch long. And see that dried sagebrush leaf? Note its size relative to the baby horny toad and then look at this shot, where you see an adult surrounded by scads of sagebrush leaves. [...]

Your Thursday Horned Toad

horned toad close-up

Can’t you just see this at 16 x 24, mounted, ready to hang on your wall?

Go ahead, just give me the prize. This guy (?) is maybe three inches long, not a grownup at all. But wow. Do you have any idea what a hoot it is to see these things when I’m walking through the sagebrush? Another lucky telephoto macro shot. That means I’m using the telephoto lens to [...]

Living Jewel

horned toad close-up

About four inches long? Not quite grown I’d say.

Last night it rained. I mean, really rained. Went on for hours, soaking, heavy at times. The gods must have heard my craven yowls and figured this would shut me up. It does. Today began with sun and wind and all the plants excited. The ground was actually damp. Moisture was evaporating. There were new [...]

Reptile Walk

sky and clouds outside of Taos

Some days the sky is everything

Just a few yards down my favorite trail today, I nearly stepped on a great big snake. I saw at once it wasn’t poisonous. Between two and three feet long, a kind of speckled yellow with a pattern on its back. The reptile stopped in front of me, flicked its tongue a couple of times, [...]



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