What World is This

Rio Pueblo gorge

Our little white car is in the shot. (Look hard!) The road along the cliff is closed & blocked by a landslide.

Maybe I’ll wake up and that’s what I’ll think. For everything to be completely fresh, how wonderful, when all the old myths fall away and nothing drowns me in the morning. A time when I was out here (not this time) I saw a smallish bird I’d never seen before. Some kind of flycatcher, I’d [...]

Shaggy Bird Stories

black-chinned hummingbird

Telephoto close-up and a dandy crop in Photoshop

I defy anyone to gaze deeply at the feathers on this tiny jewel of Creation and come away unscathed. I think this is a young female black-chinned, but who cares what we call her? She could be running things a year from now if we’re not careful, which is why I just tied all my [...]

Big! Bright! Brrrr!

View from Taos Valley Overlook

San Antonio Mountain, the extinct volcano in the background, is 10,908 ft tall

A view most of my readers have seen before, but just a few days old. You’re looking roughly west-northwest from the trail I took at Taos Valley Overlook in the preceding post, as if you were standing in the same place but turned 180° around. This is a telephoto shot, of course, with the top [...]



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