black-chinned hummingbird

The First of Many

black-chinned hummingbird

A black-chinned hummingbird, I believe »Buy This Photo!«

I hope people like hummingbird photos. Like I said, a) feeders hanging just outside the windows, b) Pentax K-x at the ready, and c) use that telephoto lens! There will be a ton of these before long. Also, believe it or not, I only just started shooting in RAW mode. For years I’ve never bothered. [...]

Shaggy Bird Stories

black-chinned hummingbird

Telephoto close-up and a dandy crop in Photoshop

I defy anyone to gaze deeply at the feathers on this tiny jewel of Creation and come away unscathed. I think this is a young female black-chinned, but who cares what we call her? She could be running things a year from now if we’re not careful, which is why I just tied all my [...]

When Black-Chins Attack

Black-chinned hummingbird

Telephoto macro shot from six feet away

Not just any black-chinned hummingbirds, these commandos from Oaxaca get the job done. After diving from a great height to build up speed, the bird first impales the prey, then tickles it to death with its teeny-tiny claws. »Buy This Photo!«




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