High Desert Spring (New Beginnings)

Llano Quemado, south side of Taos, New Mexico

Bare roofs in the background, extra tires. Feel the tension!

This phase of our lives is over.* Funny how everything still looks the same and yet you know and that feels good. It ended some time ago, actually, but here as nowhere else I’ve been, the seasons dominate. 20 below zero? Okay, throw some more piñon in the wood stove and leave the dust bunnies [...]

dead trailer in Llano Quemado

The guy who sold us our car might have lived here. He got fired and disappeared.

This place is level and had utilities. (See the electric pole?) Once a residence, for sure. In Arizona, it occurs to me, this would simply be a “pull-off,” and they’d run a shiny new one in. Here it’s much more likely someone’s legacy or headache. Look, they even left their truck. The property is fenced, [...]

Booting Up

front door of an old adobe in the snow

Still holding back after all these years

I can’t believe it. All these years without the right clothes on my body. My one and only body! But then, cheap and stupid is how I used to roll. “USED to?” Why yes, absolutely. Nothing in my way but habit. Not exactly like saying you’d be tall if you weren’t short, but close. So [...]



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