Colorado 10

Three Hours from Home

Colorado Highway 10

Colorado Highway 10 shot through the windshield on a happy day

Returning to Taos is always a revelation. The picture above is still southeastern Colorado, but Lord in heaven: we’re going into that. And over, and beyond. When we used to live in the East and were coming back from those Iowa road trips to my wife’s family, we’d know we were getting close to the [...]

Colorado Highway 10 Again

quintessential Colorado Highway 10 image

Cities just don’t do it for me

This has to be the quintessential Colorado Highway 10 photo. Just gimme the damn prize right now. You’re looking due west here. I shot it through the windshield not too far from where Rt. 71 ends if you’re coming down from Rocky Ford and you turn right (west) on 10 at the “little white house”—actually [...]

Colorado Highway 10 to US 160

Colorado Highway 10

If this doesn’t make you dizzy you ain’t doin it right

Oh my lord, chilluns, what a life I lead now. Never was a matter of being normal. More like trying and failing and landing on the other side. Oh, the wages of sin! I did everything crazy. Just look at what it got me: here I am shooting across America on a Tuesday afternoon. The [...]



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