How to Live in New Mexico

interior of old adobe near Taos, NM

Learning to love shooting in RAW mode »Buy This Photo!«

Maybe it was the albacore tuna from Cid’s. My stomach swelled up so big with gas, I could hardly breathe. You can guess what happened in the bathroom at least twenty times. There is nothing like being choked by your own body, however, and that was much worse. I had to stay up most of [...]

Birdseed for Cats

cat on table

Eleven pounds of Callie in repose

Now that is one tuckered killing machine. She was outside for about five hours before she rattled the doorknob and I let her in. That means she was hunting in the weeds and sagebrush. Chipmunks, mostly. Sometimes she brings them to front door to eat. Evidently the heads, shoulders, and backs suffice. I always make [...]



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