cast bronze

Cool Sculpture

bronze cat skull

My very own solid bronze life-sized saber-toothed horned cat skull

Pardon the lazy retro-posting last night, since deleted. But look at what yours truly was able to produce once upon a time using a flexible rubber mold made from an actual cat skull, sculpting wax, and melting my own bronze! Those were the days, friends and neighbors (early to mid-’90s). I’d do this again if [...]

Cast in Bronze

small cast bronze sculpture

So dense and disturbing. I love it!

This was going to be a post about psycho-emotional rigidity and being blind to what’s just underneath our noses, but the requisite gumption has fled, I think. At least you get to look at this magnificent weirdness produced a number of years ago by yours truly at the Maryland Institute in Baltimore, where I was [...]


cast bronze cat skull sculpture

I washed this just before the shot. That’s water drooling off a fang.

In ’95 I was making cast bronze cat skull sculptures like the one above (“Catbeast”). It’s about a foot long and five inches high, welded together from six or seven smaller pieces, all of them cast from wax positives hand-formed to look like bones. The skull was different, though. I’d made a flexible rubber mold [...]



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