New Mexico Truck Life

Ford F-150 dashboard

You should see what’s on the floor

You can never have too many skulls or Guadalupanas. (There are two more Guadas in the cab, you just can’t see them here.) The clear glass object in the center is actually a tiny skull. The filthy gearshift knob is a skull I cast from plastic resin in a mold I made myself about twenty [...]


cast bronze cat skull sculpture

I washed this just before the shot. That’s water drooling off a fang.

In ’95 I was making cast bronze cat skull sculptures like the one above (“Catbeast”). It’s about a foot long and five inches high, welded together from six or seven smaller pieces, all of them cast from wax positives hand-formed to look like bones. The skull was different, though. I’d made a flexible rubber mold [...]



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