Black-Chinned Launch

black-chinned hummingbird in Taos, NM

This little guy is almost on his way

Another dirty window hummer portrait! This time I caught one twisting around to flee from me. This is the moment just before he let go and zoomed off. We’re getting a lot of these black-chinned hummingbirds just now, and other new birds as well. Just saw an indigo bunting, for example. You don’t soon forget [...]

Hummer Power

black-chinned hummingbird in Taos, NM

Black-chinned and others rolling in now

The window is dirty. That’s what just a little bit of rain and blowing dust will do. I stand there in the kitchen with my telephoto lens and drive the autofocus mad as the little buggers dive and whiz. This guy has some mighty shoulder action. It pulls me in. You think a hummingbird is [...]



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