Cranes Up Close

sandhill cranes up close

Gotta love those golden eyes

Another shot from Bernardo Wildlife Area. This one is barely cropped at all, so you can tell we were close. Dang critters were walking across the road in front of the car! If you want to see sandhill cranes, this is the place. »Buy This Photo!«

Sandhill Crane Meets Mule Deer Stag

Sandhill crane meets mule deer stag

There was a golden eagle in a nearby tree while all of this was going on

Just a little something to start your day! This is from the Bernardo Wildlife Area, taken last Thursday. There were actually three deer in a field when several sandhill cranes landed nearby. The male deer retreated to the edge of the woods while the birds mingled among the does, and after a little hesitation—see above—both [...]

Cranes on Fire

sandhill cranes in flight

Shot with Pentax K-x on auto w/ 55-300 telephoto lens

There was serious sandhill crane action Thursday afternoon at the Bernardo Wildlife Area south of Albuquerque. My wife’s sole objective for the trip was to see a single one, and there were thousands! Cranes in the empty fields, cranes in the corn. Cranes in the air, cranes on the road. We’ve never been anywhere where [...]



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