Living in the Promiseland (Video)

Willie Nelson sings this version. Yes, the title of this post spells it correctly (video title is wrong). From Wikipedia: “Living in the Promiseland” is a song written by David Lynn Jones, and recorded by American country music artist Willie Nelson. It was released in February 1986 as the first single from the album The [...]


southeastern Colorado

iPad photo from a speeding car

Yes, we made it to Dubuque! (The image above is from southeastern Colorado.) The trip was long and arduous—approximately 1,200 miles in two days on the backroads of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa—where the confluence of grazing and cultivation has so essentially altered the original landscape, I’m sure no one living remembers the way it [...]

Forty-Five Years Ago Today

May 4, 1970, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, U.S.A. Dear Lord, I almost forgot! The date, that is—the events, never. Watching this, my eyes filled with tears, after all this time. In the context of what’s shown in this video, the preceding post might make more sense to some. This is what it was all [...]



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