Age with Benefits

old trucks and snow

See the mound of old tires? »Buy This Photo!«

The muscle in your soul gets stronger, that’s it. What, you expected something more? You thought you won the jackpot? In a way, you have. You’re still ugly as a rusty dump truck, and maybe if you squat down on the floor, it’s hard to get back up again. But hey, the muscle in your [...]

Recovering Son Soliloquy

snowy adobe in Taos, New Mexico

It’s beautiful but we can use some sun »Buy This Photo!«

Doom sucks. I ought to know, I’ve been scared for years. We’ll get to that part later. On top of everything else, the ten day cycle of repeating snows—it seems like a lifetime—finally pounded the self-respect out of me. The road, you know. The cratered two hundred yards of dirt the county in its wisdom [...]



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