Dust on the Dulcimer

dusty dulcimer on the wall in Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Juanito gets his groove back on

Amazing follow-up in the comments! – JHF That’s tiger-striped walnut you’re looking at. Audrey Y. H. Miller of Mouth of Wilson, Virginia made this Scottish dulcimer for me back in ’76 or thereabouts. It’s a replica of one a member of her family found hidden in the ceiling of an old log cabin, ancient as [...]

The Vulcan Gas Company and Me

Gilbert Shelton poster for the Vulcan Gas Company

Some things just have to be experienced. I was there!

[NOTE: The following is adapted from an 8-13-2009 post at my old blog] The poster is a Gilbert Shelton (Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Wonder Wart Hog, etc.) classic I’m proud to own. I can reach out and touch it now from where I sit. But the story starts with Shiva’s Head Band, my favorite Austin [...]

Under the Moldy Elk

Los Ojos in Jemez Springs

The walls have ears—and rattlesnakes! (Los Ojos)

[Sea shanty, origin unknown] Under the moldy elk, and over the bounding main some things are so terrible, you never can explain and when the wind do blow, with icy rain and snow it’s under the moldy elk, and over the side we go Chorus: Under the moldy under the moldy under the moldy elk [...]

Braided Ponytail of Eternal Youth

Taos Harley

Taken about an hour before the Fiestas parade

I should get one of these. Not the ponytail, the bike, so I can drop it and kill myself. I’ve got plenty of money to buy one, but that would shoot the so-called house down payment right between the eyes. What a way to go, though. I think of this every time I hear that [...]

Unutterable Spirit

The first thing that happened today was that I got mad because I got a “gift.” Two of them, actually. Both packages contained books, giant software manuals the size of big city telephone books. I’d originally signed up to review them, so I could get them for free, naturally, but the moral burden proved crushing [...]



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