More Monsoon Clouds

Clouds near Picuris Peak

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This is a telephoto shot (300mm) from the top of our driveway looking south toward Picuris Peak. It’s also from Tuesday morning and will look the same on Wednesday, given the moisture pouring in from the Pacific over Mexico. I love it, though. Just look: nobody up there! We had a visitor from back East [...]

Monsoon Mountains

Taos Mountain in the clouds

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The amazing thing about summer in the terrible high desert is that when it finally gets here, it isn’t summer any more. That is, nothing like emigrant flatlanders remember. I’m not complaining, though! Here it is July, but that down comforter stays right on the bed. In a few weeks, I’ll be closing windows, too. [...]

Taos Mountain in the clouds

More snow on the mountain now means more water in the summer streams »Buy This Photo!«

We don’t mess around here in northern New Mexico. If this timezone wasn’t already called “Mountain Time,” we’d have to change it. I took this telephoto shot of Taos Mountain, officially known as Pueblo Peak (which no one calls it), around 7:30 a.m. MDT from just a few steps outside the front door. The elevation [...]

Chthonic Power

Taos Mountain in the clouds

Taos Mountain telephoto shot one hour into Spring »Buy This Photo!«

From the bowels of the Earth it came! The unimaginable magma from 1.8 billion years ago is now igneous Precambrian rock that lies atop the mountains and the high cliffs of the Rio Grande Gorge, the oldest exposed rock in the state. Metamorphic rock from sediments deposited at the bottom of an ancient ocean 1.7 [...]

Morning Mountain

Taos Mountain in the clouds

All Retina-screen devices served high-res photos, ya know. Zoom in with clarity!

Yup, had to pull on the emergency cargo pants hanging on the bathroom door and zip up a hoodie to walk down the road before coffee and take this shot. I love the clouds. They also change moment to moment, so I had to hurry. This is of course the taller 12,305 ft peak of [...]



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