Colorado Highway 10 Again

quintessential Colorado Highway 10 image

Cities just don’t do it for me

This has to be the quintessential Colorado Highway 10 photo. Just gimme the damn prize right now. You’re looking due west here. I shot it through the windshield not too far from where Rt. 71 ends if you’re coming down from Rocky Ford and you turn right (west) on 10 at the “little white house”—actually an old garage there on the corner—maybe ten miles west of La Junta. From the aforementioned intersection to Walsenburg is a sixty-two mile stretch of pavement without a town or crossroad. We saw just a single pronghorn (antelope) this time, but it was handsome and no more than a hundred feet from the road.

We’d been looking for one hard. I think my wife summoned it out of the ether.

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  • christian ienni September 17, 2014, 10:15 PM

    the very nature of cities is to create the illusion of mankind’s superiority and dominance, like some big movie set. when you’re inside the hive it’s easy to think “hey, this is great! we’ve got it all figured out, and isn’t everything so swell!” but if you leave the hive and see things like this it reminds you in no uncertain terms of the utter insignificance of humans and all their little self-made dramas. the only thing more humbling than this are pictures like the Voyager 1 “Pale Blue Dot” photo, where Earth is nothing more than a faint single pixel floating in the endless void.

    perspective. total perspective.

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