Wednesday Evening

lamp on table in Taos, NM

The Holy Javelina and the Rat

Man, I need a break. I’ve needed a break for years from trying to please, and please what, anyway? So here we are, ooookay…

The new book* has had a pleasant, quiet splash which if replicated on a daily basis would improve more things than I can name. No less a reader than my sister-in-law’s husband said it was “revealing, honest, raw and occasionally bitter sweet” and called me brave. He didn’t have a lot of fun, though. My sister loved it and read it through in one night! (She’s in it, of course.) Another reader saw apects of her own family and called it “so raw and close to the rotten truth.” Music to my ears, chilluns, and making some bucks off the shit that rained down ain’t no bad thing, either. Big “har” on that. Thanks to all of it, however, even if I never wrote about family again, I still win—potentially—and that is a hoot.

(You devils are all supposed to understand why.)

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