Evening in the Rockies

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Great photo, eh? I caught the last rays of the sun yesterday evening by shooting this through the window beside my desk. All I had to do was turn a little to my left, and there it was! Not a bad place to work, I have to say.

And then today my wife came back from grocery shopping a little after noon. I was in the shower. While I was toweling off, she came into the bathroom to announce, “I’m sorry, but this phase of our life is over. It’s OVER!!!” My reaction?

“I hear you!” (Repeated twice, with sympathetic emphasis…)

Now, before anyone gets excited about sending me real estate listings for cheap housing in Bugsplat, understand that she meant living at the bottom of a long muddy driveway in the snow, struggling with half a dozen grocery bags that required at least three trips. This driveway. (There are other issues, but this will do for now.) You can’t even see our car in that linked photo. We park it up there in the winter to avoid being trapped after a snow, and my truck doesn’t get out much before March, either. I realize that’s not much of a hardship in a world where most people don’t even have bathrooms or a country where kids get freedom holes blasted through them every day, so I’ll just say a little easing would be nice.

It’s time.

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  • Sunday Tidwell January 31, 2013, 3:54 PM

    Gold in them thar hills.

    • JHF January 31, 2013, 3:56 PM

      Sure looks like it, don’t it?

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