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female pronghorn

Oh my

Behold the female pronghorn! The animal was semi-corralled beside the fence, allowing me to ease the car quite close, but carefully, lest I frighten her into jumping over. She could probably do this—[nope, see comments!]—but you never know. I’d never had such a view of one and thought it looked quite strange, not at all the way I’d have imagined they were built from observing them at a distance. I suspect the mane and hair along her back are raised out of alarm. This was one of dozens we saw on May 4th on the edge of the plains between Rayado and Cimarron, about ninety minutes from home.

I appreciate that most of you have never seen what some folks call an antelope up close, nor even realized that such beasts are found on Earth and live completely free, demanding nothing of us two-leggeds. It’s still a wonderment to me, and as I’ve mentioned many times, another reason why we busted ass and took the risks and tore ourselves away from all we knew and loved to come here.

El Norte True

Truchas, NM

A little piece of Truchas, NM. Elevation 8,100 ft.

Oh, never mind the other stuff. Enjoy the photo!


As I eased the car up to get closer, she did an about-face and started walking the other way!

You’ve probably never been to a place like Rayado. Kit Carson had a house out here once, or rather someone important (I forget who) gave him the place on the old Santa Fe Trail at the edge of the plains in the hope that his mere presence might discourage Comanche raiders. I don’t know about that, but he must have been glad to get out of Taos for a while.

It’s very quiet in Rayado. There aren’t any streets. No post office or stores. There’s nothing for sale and no one to buy. Turkeys and mule deer wander up and down the road in broad daylight. We sat by the side of the road for about fifteen minutes while my wife talked back and forth with a meadowlark and nary another car came by.


Taos scene

Windy, about 70 degrees F, 16% humidity

Nothing of consequence to post just now. But sitting outside looking at this scene reminded me of how it felt to be on the edge of the plains in Rayado a couple of weeks ago. It’s all about the air, and light…

Video is 1080p HD! Adjust setting in viewer for full effect.

Damn it all. Here I was all set to jump back in with a fine big story, but current events grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go. Be that as it may, I’m alive and kicking. Enjoy the video—an excellent metaphor for the last week or so—while I try to sit down long enough to get some writing done.

Back soon. All is well.

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