Morning Raven

water towers south of Taos, NM

Still running 10 to 15 degrees above average here

Oh, you’ll find it. This is a telephoto shot, but I could hear him (?) squawking all the way across the road. It was all of a piece: a welcome end to Thursday night’s rain, the light about to break through low-hanging clouds, the raven calling the sun. Just a couple hundred feet above us, [...]

Fifteen Degrees

snowy shot of Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain’s in there somewhere but I love the clouds

That was the temperature when I took off yesterday to walk. It was just a little past ten o’clock. The trail at Taos Valley Overlook was suck-your-boots-off muddy just before it snowed the day before, but I hoped the mud would be frozen hard that early and it was. No one else was hiking. There [...]

Raven Mist

ravens in the misty mountains

In the foothills north of Picuris Peak

Technically speaking, not much of a photo—zoomed too much, tons of noise—but as impressionistic Saturday afternoon bird shots go, I like it. This is what wet mountains feel like. And for all my bitching about what’s after all a normal life in these parts, I’d rather look out on something like this than any sort [...]



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