Summer’s Eve

rainbow over Llano Quemado (Ranchos)

It’s almost actually warm, too »Buy This Photo!«

I‘ll bet most people in the Northern Hemisphere think of June, July, and August as “summer.” Meteorologically speaking, the three warmest months of the year are the climatological summer, so in that sense they’d be correct. I know I always think of June that way, hence the “summer’s eve” photo taken after yesterday’s showers. My [...]

Peak Leo

rainbow over Llano Quemado (Taos)

Rainbow City around here

It’s my birthday again (August 9th) and something’s different this time. I’m just pumped in a bizarre new way. It started a few days ago, and I wouldn’t embarrass myself like this if it weren’t true. There’s powerful good medicine in the air. Like fear took a vacation. Like I’ve been granted grace to not [...]



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