Las Trampas

Another Taste of Trampas

Las Trampas, NM

See? I wasn’t kidding!

The small business economy thrives along the High Road! Actually, I’m not kidding (much). This is right across from the church in Las Trampas. In the summer when the tourists and sightseeing buses stop, there’s probably a line. No idea what they serve here, but at this point you’re probably an hour from any other [...]

Las Trampas on the High Road

San Jose de Gracia Church in Las Trampas, NM

That wall’s in need of mudding. Maybe in the spring?

Behold the San Jose de Gracia Church, also known as Church of Santo Tomas Del Rio de Las Trampas! Well, at least the gate. Trampas, I’m informed, means “traps,” perhaps alluding to the early fur trade in these mountains. Then again, New Mexico is weird, and trampas also serves for “clothespins.” Take your pick! The [...]



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