More Truchas

Truchas, NM

So wild, so poor, so cool, and so expensive

Just look at that! The Rio Grande is way the hell down there somewhere. If the Comanches had had wingsuits, history might have been different. I took this photo standing in the same spot as before, by the way. Just did an about-face and boom, there it was. Los Alamos is across the valley up [...]

House in Maine for Sale

house for sale in Maine

I took this shot in April. Lots greener now!

Someone needs to buy this. It’s my late Aunt Mary’s house in the country between Augusta and Vassalboro, Maine, about an hour from the ocean. Built in 1820 and extensively upgraded, it’s the kind of place I’d jump on if it were just a little cheaper (listed for $255K) and oh yeah, not in Maine. [...]