So Simple Yet So Hard

peacock in the driveway

Sunday morning cracked wide open »Buy This Photo!«

Last night we had dinner with a man who refused anesthesia and simply left his body for a surgical procedure down in Albuquerque. (“He’s from Taos, it’s all right.”) This morning there was a peacock in our driveway eating birdseed. It should not surprise you that another story from last night involved a barking bear. [...]

Gold Mine in the Sky

somewhere in New Mexico

Somewhere in New Mexico »Buy This Photo!«

On the way to where I took this photo on September 13, 2008, well before the going got rough, he showed me and the others where he’d once dynamited a roadside cliff for gold. You could do that then, before the troubles—buy TNT and blasting caps at the hardware store, go out and seek your [...]



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