Foggy Morning Breakdown

clouds and mountains near Taos, NM

Apologies to the ghost of Earl Scruggs

My wife got back from her exercise session around 7:20 a.m. Amazingly, I was dressed and standing in the driveway with my camera when she rolled in. It wasn’t the fog, but the little panic thing that woke me up. That miniature black hole where all your good thoughts go to die. The thing that [...]

The Fog of Taos

Taos house in fog

Have seen it like this maybe twice in fifteen years!

Essentially, the present town of Taos is a dark and murderous blight upon the beauty of el Norte. While there are beautiful old adobe buildings to be seen and hippie funk of most astonishing degree—some would say art—of that, there is no doubt. Our charlatans are pros. There’s nothing you can do but find your [...]



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