Leave That Cowboy Stuff at Home

town park in Cimarron, NM

Looks like the dirt could use some soil amendments, though

It’s rough, I know, but sometimes there must be sacrifices. I shot this from the parking lot at the Cimmaron Visitor’s Center, which in fairness only has space for maybe half a dozen cars. There’s plenty of space on both sides of the street, however, and yes, I know it’s Sunday. It strikes me this [...]

Cimarron Sidewalk Patrol

deer on sidewalk in Cimarron, NM

These were very calm. Took note of camera shutter noise, but that was all. More down the street!

We were driving around Cimarron (pop. 888) and wondering why almost every house, no matter how poor—and there are a lot of those—had some kind of fence around it. As we came around this corner, the answer suddenly was obvious! It only takes one visit from a pair like this to send you down to [...]

Cimarron for Dummies

lobby of the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM

Just a corner of the lobby of the St. James Hotel

We’ve always driven through Cimarron, population 888—it’s only a few blocks long—but today we drove to Cimarron. Certainly unprecedented in my experience, and I doubt many have. That’s both understandable and a damn shame, because Cimarron is one of those places with an essence. Hell, this place will essence you to death. I like it, [...]




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