Wild One

cactus blossom

Ne pick pas

It’s a good year for cactus flowers. You pretty much don’t see them unless you’re on foot in the sagebrush or messing around in someone’s vacant lot, blooming cholla being an extravagant exception, wherever it may be. The most prevalent cactus appears to be a ground-hugging miniature prickly pear-looking thing with plentiful spines. [Above] These [...]

Cactus Flower Pilgrimage

cactus flower near Taos, NM

I have so many of these shots now. Too much beauty!

Went walking the other day, my usual (for now) four-mile hike. I was planning to detour down a large arroyo—animal tracks, burrows, skeletons, artifacts—when I remembered I’d seen some beautiful red cactus flowers of some kind just starting to open at the end of my usual trail, so I stuck to it. It’s a good [...]



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