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Strange Experience

yours truly and two siblings a long time ago

Could almost rob a bank like this & folks would say it wasn’t me »Buy This Photo!«

Some who care about me may squirm, but something happened yesterday. As I walked out to the car to go help my wife transfer boxes from her old studio, I looked at my reflection in the tinted rear hatch window: knit cap pulled down over my head, ancient sweater my late sister sent me from [...]

Book Report

John Hamilton Farr

Chunking rocks at raccoons

Sure, I’ll just gather up all the blog posts I published over the last four years of my mother’s life when she was batshit crazy and mean as hell and make a book out of them. Except that I was out of my mind then, too, which is kind of the point, so I’ve had [...]

I’m Back! [Revised]

cat on dresser

If your neck were this relaxed, you’d own the world

What have I been up to? Thinking, walking, pulling weeds. And starting a book, a novel this time. Rock & roll science fiction, I call it. That makes it lots more fun already. Maybe I can actually get into this. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Someone emailed me recently to say that she was “loving your [...]



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