I Need a Car

Pontiac Vibe in Taos, NM

License plate number altered, of course, hah!

This is just silly. Off she goes in the family car on a normal busy day for her, while I sit here “stuck.” I have my ancient truck, an ’87 Ford F-150, for strictly local stuff like driving to the trailhead, running errands, and so forth, but what if I want to take a little [...]

Dillinger Hideout Discovered

old Ford, old Taos

Fleeing in a hail of bullets

It wasn’t easy, but I tracked him down. The 111-year-old fugitive from justice has been living all this time in Taos, New Mexico. Thought he was pretty clever, he did, except that bad guys always screw up in the end. What gave our boy away? The only single-wide in Llano Quemado without tires on the [...]

Larry Peters’ ’54 Chevy

Living the dream

Meet my new friend Larry Peters from O’Neill, Nebraska. That ’54 Chevy was his very first car and he still drives it! We were walking down the block from our hotel (which rates a post all its own) when I saw the car across the street from a bar with a bunch of Harleys parked [...]



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