Elk in the Grass

elk in the Valle Grande of the Valles Caldera

Always so cool to see these guys

This is the best I could do with a 300mm telephoto lens, but there they are, having a fine time in the Valle Grande of the Valles Caldera. There’s a single immature male in this photo. (A larger one was lost in the cropping.) You don’t have to drive to the Caldera to see elk [...]

raccoon eating birdseed in Taos, NM

Hey! You’re eating GMO corn, ya chump!

There, you see? Caught him red-handed. It was easy to photograph the blaggard because he wouldn’t run. Why should he? He comes to this table almost every night. It’s like it has his name on it. Do raccoons have names? This one does now. I think I’ll call him “Full.” The amazing thing is that [...]

Bunny Run

runny bunny

Funny bunny

Just thought I would put this up again. We do have a mess o’ rabbits in these parts. Pretty soon the coyotes will show up again to thin the herd. Howl ‘n’ dance all night, them do. Life on the frontier! »Buy This Photo!«

Post-Snow Twilight

winter twilight after a snow in Taos

Have a drink, load up the wood stove, put your shorts back in the drawer

We just got a couple inches of new snow. Wet stuff this time. With the temperature just above freezing and all, a lot of it soaked right into the ground—you should have seen the unmaintained dirt road—but it’s 16 °F tonight, and all the world is frozen now. Winter could just as well be gone [...]

Bright New Morning

juncos on feeder in Taos, NM

Oregon juncos don’t give a damn, just eat.

Just watched the inauguration online: White House video feed, crystal clear on my 24″ iMac with 6 Mbps broadband. Hard to believe I once did things like this on a stinking cathode ray tube TV set with useless network commentators to ruin it. Such a huge crowd! Anyway, good on the prez and his beautiful [...]



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