There’s Something in the Roof

confluence of the Red River and the Rio Grande

La Junta Overlook, Wild Rivers Area, Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

I heard it while I was in the bathroom. It sounded awfully loud, like a small hoofed animal running back and forth, but of course that can’t be right. The roof on this old adobe is actually a double roof with insulation in between, except maybe not over the bathroom, eh? Even so, the creature [...]

Taos Spring Revealed

old Taos on a sunny spring day

I found that steer skull out on the mesa—in a tree.

It’s finally arrived! No wait, the sun just went behind a cloud, never mind. That’s the way it is around here, on the edge of slamming cold any day of the year. That’s why the sun is so important, otherwise no one could live at 7,000 feet. And yes, that is a big elm tree [...]

I Found One

green porch in Taos, NM

Just off Bent Street where the territorial governor got scalped

Who says there aren’t any screened-in porches in New Mexico? We do, I guess. But there it is! Covered with plastic, looks like, but it might be screened. Slowly being eaten by termites and sinking into the ground, I’ll bet, just like our old porch in Merryland. Interesting tilt, anyway. Looks like that place even [...]

Above Freezing!

old adobe kitchen window in Taos, NM

“Old Taos,” as the saying goes. Here with dead sister’s art (Hi, T.!), teas & spices, photovoltaic lantern, and a crack.

Only 37 °F (3 °C), but it feels like spring, sort of. Hah. Tell that to the dirty solid ice outside the front door. It’s been there for over a month! “Well, why don’t you get rid of it?” I’m sure there’s a way. Have the washer woman and the scrub lady build a big [...]

Old Taos in the Snow

an old Taos adobe in the snow

It’s hard to believe how long I’ve been here

Oh yes, this is what you get. The dead landlord rehabilitated this 110-year-old adobe over 40 years ago. I guess that makes it “old Taos” twice over. Probably the best thing he did was add a second roof that you can’t see, because at least the place is insulated in that way and doesn’t lose [...]



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