Dead Thing

dead lizard

Sensing a theme here if I have the gumption

There was an awful story here but now there’s not. On the other hand, this has got to be the best dead lizard photo I have ever taken.

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  • youjizz November 20, 2019, 3:46 AM

    and was impressed! I’m going with 4 to 4.5 stars on Every Dead Thing. I really loved this book along with the driven and flawed main character, Charlie “Birdman” Parker. Haunted by the unsolved slayings of his wife and daughter, former New York City Detective, Charlie Parker is looking for revenge and redemption. He has guilt and regret for how his wife and daughter were killed and not being there the night they were murdered. Charlie Parker is a recovering alcoholic and can no longer be a detective for the NYPD. Instead, Parker is a hired private investigator. When Parker’s ex-partner asks him to track down a missing girl, Parker embarks on a quest that will lead him to the heart of organized crime, the Louisiana swamp and to victims who are tortured and murdered in the most horrific ways. These victims are vast and include Parker’s wife and daughter. This book or series is likely not for the faint of heart. If you have problems with gore, blood or torture, you might want to rethink about reading this series. The writing is well done though, and I never felt like the dark material was wrote for shock factor. It just worked with the overall feel of the book and character. This is a very complex book and felt like it was two books into one. There are two different plots going on in Every Dead Thing so it took a bit to get the backstory of both plots and all the characters. That’s why I’m not giving it all the stars. I had no idea who the serial killer, Travelin’ Man was until the ending. I started to have some doubts about a few characters but was still shocked at how the ending all went down. The last 70+ pages were epic! I can’t wait to continue with this series! I’ve heard that the

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