Weird and Soothing Landscape

looking west from Taos Valley Overlook

Looking west from Taos Valley Overlook, gorge just beyond the shadow

There was a time once when I declared this wasn’t a photo-blog. I wonder why I bother. The main thing is, I’m sharing something. The view above lifted my spirits in a most delightful way when I first encountered it. The air was bitterly cold, but just the sight of all that sunshine on the glowing frozen dirt made life worth living. This is what we call the essence of el Norte.* A wise friend once said, “You can’t live on scenery.” She was right, but that’s not quite the way it is. Here it’s more like the ol’ ranch gate clangs shut and JUST SHUT UP, THE NINETY-MILE VIEWS ARE ALL YOU GET, you stupid commie Nature freak.

* Sometimes referred to as the “Stockholm syndrome.”

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