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What a world

Some days you just can’t and that’s all right. I wasn’t going to walk because of all the wet snow since Friday, but there was such a strange, positive energy in the air, I had to get out and move my body. I drove out to Taos Valley Overlook and took a different trail I knew to be more exposed and open to the sun. The sky was impossibly blue, the clouds the purest white. Partway down the mesa, I took a scenic detour at a certain arroyo because I had an intuition there’d be something there to photograph. There was.

I’m very happy with the camera in the iPhone 6s Plus.The image above is only ever-so-slightly tweaked, all but straight from the device. (My Pentax DSLR takes better pictures but not always.) To have the full experience with this thing, I decided to jump whole-hog into the cloud. Bear with me here, I know you’ve done it all before. But having everything I shoot upload to iCloud automatically is kinda wonderful. Kinda crazy, too. I can walk outside and shoot, come back in the house, sit down at the iMac, and the image is already there. Very satisfying for a lazy guy like me.

  • Joe April 21, 2016, 9:36 AM

    I can relate to that. I was a photojournalist most of 31 years, I have my old Canon F1Ns in a closet, a little Canon digital on the table in front of me but I usually just use my phone. Very satisfying for a lazy guy like me too.

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