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Taos Mountain in the clouds

Taos Mountain telephoto shot one hour into Spring »Buy This Photo!«

From the bowels of the Earth it came! The unimaginable magma from 1.8 billion years ago is now igneous Precambrian rock that lies atop the mountains and the high cliffs of the Rio Grande Gorge, the oldest exposed rock in the state. Metamorphic rock from sediments deposited at the bottom of an ancient ocean 1.7 billion years ago makes up the rest. You’re looking at Taos Mountain in the clouds. There are no foothills here, because the Sangre de Cristos rose straight out of the ground around five million years ago. That means this thing has been somewhere.

Apparently the mountains are still rising, too. Better see them while the roads are long enough.

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  • M.J. March 23, 2015, 8:06 AM

    Beautiful! Thanks for the geology lesson. It makes one feel very small and insignificant in the history of the earth. Glad man has left it alone.

    • JHF March 23, 2015, 9:36 PM

      Taos Mountain belongs to Taos Pueblo, of course. They consider it sacred, and it’s off-limits to non-Natives. I doubt it would have been left alone under any other circumstances!

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