Dark Fantastic Beauty

Jeff Brock’s Bombshell Betty

So cool to see this thing up close

Okay, here you go: as promised, sculptor Jeff Brock’s “Bombshell Betty.” What we have here is a rolling work of art that also races the clock at Bonneville. What started out as a 1952 Buick Roadmaster is now a 165 mph speedster. A total race car. Bombshell Betty features a 1950 Buick 320 cubic inch straight eight with exhaust pipes exiting through the original Buick “portholes” on the driver’s side. For that alone, I’d drive a hundred miles to see it. As it happened, though, I only had to make it to the Harwood Museum in downtown Taos. And you really need to watch this video with the sound cranked up:

I love this car. It’s so dark. If I could write like this car, that’s all I’d ever want. It’s totally compelling and complete. I identify utterly with whatever demon spawned it. This is high art with real muscle. The artist teamed up with two young local guys to build it. I call that inspired, too. The team is called Rocket Heads Racing, and I wish I were a member. Hoo, boy.

All business interior

Credit where credit is due

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