It’s Coming

Rainy view of Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain late this afternoon before I cooked the steak

The new book is almost ready. It’s a chronological collection of blog posts that tell the story of my mother’s chaotic last years under the influence of dementia, Alzheimer’s, paranoia, schizophrenia, delusions, and hallucinations. Real-time dispatches from the front, as it were, between 2008 and 2012. This should be a hoot and a half. The Helen Chronicles: When Your Mother Falls Apart, will be available from Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks first. Those of you who like the way books smell will have to wait a little longer, but we’ll do it.

The reasons for this project are multifarious. I had the material sitting in a private database. It bugged me. For that matter, her ashes are still somewhere in the storage unit awaiting burial in Maryland. One of these is easier than the other. I need to have some product out there, too, of course. But mainly it’s just time. They’re all dead, the whole skanking lot of them, and it’s a glorious new day!

Right now I’m doing final editing and working on the cover. I’m told these are both things one should never do oneself. That figures, since I really want to. I’ve also read that I’m supposed to make myself a brand and be consistent. That figures, since I’d hate it, he says, like this Leo ain’t got three planets in Virgo and the patience of a saint.

But The Helen Chronicles is on the way. Some of you may find things there you recognize and know you’re not alone. The rest will be appalled but read it to the end, the way you slow down on the highway when you see a bunch of flashing lights. Either way you’ll read it, and here we stumble on the truth.

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