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Jicarita Peak from Llano Quemado

graveyard, trailers, mountains, Taos

Riffing on the tires here, gimme a minute

Yes, friends, that mountain is 12,835 ft high. The trail up to the summit is allegedly suitable for beginners, other than the altitude sickness thing if you just drove in from the the flatlands or the coast. I knew what a coast was once. If you consider this scene, it’s a conceptually close facsimile.

May I hopefully be forgiven for photographing the camposanto. It’s not quite that close to the trailers. This is a telephoto shot, and objects in the background appear closer than they are. I have some older photos of Jicarita taken from a closer vantage point on the south face of Picuris Peak. I’ll have to locate them and find the one that shows the secret valley.

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