High Desert Spring (New Beginnings)

Llano Quemado, south side of Taos, New Mexico

Bare roofs in the background, extra tires. Feel the tension!

This phase of our lives is over.* Funny how everything still looks the same and yet you know and that feels good.

It ended some time ago, actually, but here as nowhere else I’ve been, the seasons dominate. 20 below zero? Okay, throw some more piñon in the wood stove and leave the dust bunnies in the shadows. Hide that box intended for the storage unit in the truck. Everyone’s forgiven not fulfilling best intentions. There’s just little one can do except get through it.

Sometimes one thing has to wait until another something happens. Never mind my alleged age, I can do things now I never did before or even knew existed. Tricks inside my head—and there are changes in the matrix. I feel different, too, which proves the universe is altered. This seems to have transpired on its own and in its own good time.

The other day I was crazy mad with all I had to do and fearful of the consequences. Staggering from one thing to the next, I didn’t realize I’d already won… My wife was in the kitchen with me, warily adjusting, keeping on her course. All at once she looked at me and said, “It’s exciting, all the things that are happening right now!”

I don’t know how she does that, but she did.

* DISCLAIMER: No, I’m not leaving Taos or New Mexico. There are plenty of other things that constitute “this phase of our lives…” Just stop projecting! 🙂 Thank you. – JHF

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