Stupid Bird

trapped grosbeak in a feeder in Taos, NM

I hope those last few seeds were really good

He did it again! Well, probably not the same bird, but the same behavior with the same result. Kinda like someone I know.

What would you do if someone got you a free home and more than enough money to live on until your Social Security kicks in? Spend it all on crystal and blowjobs and getting ripped off by “friends” with half a year to go?? Of course you would. Just look at that grosbeak.

At least the bird is alive (I rescued it). The human is too, for now. The difference is that aside from the feel-good thrill of rescuing any of God’s creatures who get trapped, I don’t give a shit about the bird. But the other thing will rip my heart out.

Meanwhile I proceed with rescuing myself. At this point, love and my example are all I have to give.

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