Post-Snow Twilight

winter twilight after a snow in Taos

Have a drink, load up the wood stove, put your shorts back in the drawer

We just got a couple inches of new snow. Wet stuff this time. With the temperature just above freezing and all, a lot of it soaked right into the ground—you should have seen the unmaintained dirt road—but it’s 16 °F tonight, and all the world is frozen now.

Winter could just as well be gone if anyone listened to me. After all, the light is different now. The height and angle suggest spring, especially in the morning. And I think the raccoons are back, because something is dismantling the bird feeders again. Mangled metal, nails pulled out!

Just heard a “bonk” at midnight. That might be raccoons. We have one of those barrel planters outside with a piece of plywood on it for a platform feeder. I use four or five grapefruit-sized rocks to hold it down. What I hear are the muffled THUMPS as the critters push them off to get the seeds stuck underneath. It sounds like car doors slamming in the dark, like something bad is coming for a visit. I’ve been known to turn on the outside light and crack the door to spy it, but it’s never there.

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