Piñon Jays in the Morning

piñon jays in Taos, NM

(Cropped so well it hurts)

They come in wondrous flocks with so much energy, making calls that sound like seagulls. Always flocks, never just the one. They must be very sociable. Sometimes I see them when I’m hiking on the mesa, hiding in the—where else?—piñons, or escaping from me in a yakking mob. We live close enough to open country [...]

Taos Mountain in the snow and clouds

I waited for the pink flash but it didn’t happen. Do you know what that is?

This is just ridiculous. All I have to do is walk about a hundred yards, find a clear shot through the scrubby trees for my trusty Pentax with the telephoto lens, and there you go. I probably have three thousand photos like this, one of the benefits of living at the end of a muddy [...]

Even More Clouds

Clouds at the base of Picuris Peak near Taos, NM.

Can’t knock mountains just outside the door, no sir

The things you can do with a telephoto lens! I love being able to pull in a scene like this. This is a shot of the hills at the base of Picuris Peak. From our location, that means you’re looking south. Basically, I just walked to the top of the driveway and there it was. [...]

Demarcation Zone

Picuris Peak in frost south of Taos, NM

Lower slopes of Picuris Peak (telephoto)

The cat was scratching at the front door. She’s been known to rattle the door knob, but this wasn’t the case. I opened it, looked down, and she ran in with a rabbit almost half as long as she is. Young, but no baby. Left it jerking and bleeding with its mouth open and its [...]

9,000th Shot of Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain in the clouds

Monsoon clouds and moisture in the air

Heck, wouldn’t you? I mean, look at that thing. Taos Mountain is to the left and under the clouds. Everything you’re looking at is Pueblo land, by the way. No bikers, jerky vendors, or Confederate flags. No realtors, ski bums, or trust-funders playing hippies. No temples, preachers, or bleeding saints. No poetry readings, fanny packs, [...]



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