self-driving cars

New Mexico Self-Driving Cars

road and sky, Taos, NM

Western sky through windshield of Pontiac Vibe

New Mexico would be a great place to test them out. Ribbons of sun-baked asphalt stretching to the horizon! (No paint! Signs shot full of bullet holes!) Open her up, see what she’ll do, etc. I knew a guy who got stopped for doing a hundred and ten up by the Colorado line where the [...]

Twenty-four Hours Without Sun

Car parked on a muddy, snowy road in Taos

Parking far away to not get buried

We’re in the midst of some pretty grim weather for New Mexico. It snowed a little Thursday night, just slushy stuff, after a good long rain. Friday morning the clouds were down to tree-top level and stayed there all day. The air was wet and cold. You couldn’t see the mountains. The dirt road was [...]



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