Canyon Cosmos

moon over the canyon near PIlar

Got a pull to it don’t it

I took this picture today standing deep inside the canyon of the Rio Grande near Pilar. The river is running high right now. There’s so much water moving so fast. Such a deep greenish-blue. It’s an amazing thing to see here in the terrible high desert. That’s not what you’re looking at, of course. This [...]

Almost Full

moon over Talpa (Taos, NM)

Looking east (duh) at sunset

It didn’t look that small when I took the picture. (Photography is a mysterious business.) Anyway, the full moon is tomorrow. Maybe it’ll look bigger then! It was over 60 degrees today, by the way. Dudes with sleeveless T-shirts showing off tattoos, me driving around with my window down. I didn’t build a fire all [...]



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