New Mexico Saturday

sunset from Llano Quemado

It’s not New Mexico without at least a little sun

A few days ago I was wound tighter than puke, loco, in the clutches of the Christmas monster. Fortunately, that passed, but by Saturday morning, I was overdue to take a hike. I hadn’t walked in several days, and already I could feel my knee-bones start to wander. They have their nerve. It was a [...]

Yellow Roads of Taos

Taos Valley Overlook scene

The pun is not too subtle, is it?

Something strange happens almost every time I’m out here. The energy on this particular stretch is rather strong, in fact. This is more or less where I once “fell” twice on successive days, going each way. The first time was a surprise. The second time, I was actually trying not to fall down, aware of [...]

Bighorns on the Brain

Callie the Wonder Cat in Taos, New Mexico

MY GOD, you didn’t bring them with you, did you? »Buy This Photo!«

No, that is not a bighorn sheep, but Callie the Wonder Cat will have to do. The reason is that when it comes to my regular hiking near the gorge, unless the clouds are interesting or I have an intuition, I usually travel light like I did Tuesday morning and leave my camera at home. [...]

Apparition by the Gorge

view northwest from Llano Quemado

Lookng northwest from near our home »Buy This Photo!«

I was out there in that vastness earlier on a hike. The clouds hadn’t rolled in yet with their dragging rain, and I’d taken a different route down this time. Almost right away I spied someone jogging up the trail from the gorge. I hate meeting people on the trail, of course. Number one, they’re [...]

Walking the Land

Taos Valley Overlook scene

Walked about three miles. Saw one lady with a dog.

Sixty degrees today at Taos Valley Overlook and a semi-dry path. Who could resist? I noticed on the way out that my ’87 Ford F-150 was almost impossible to shift. Maybe the hydraulic clutch just needs a little fluid. Oh, sure. Has that ever fixed anything? “Here, lemme just top this off”… I used to [...]


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