Sky Fix with Dogs

Taos, New Mexico

I bitch a lot but this is just ten minutes from the house

My heart rate was pushing one hundred thirty-two beats per minute near the top of the hill. I thought that was a bit much, but nothing burst. She flew on ahead the way she always does, sometimes with her arms stretched out like wings. (I can beat her on a bike, but that's it.) There [...]

Too Much

dead tarantula

Dead tarantula with flattened body. Probably run over by a bike.

The subject here is art fear, and I just remembered something else. Among my youthful talents was that I sometimes wrote things. There was this nature magazine, not one of the well-known ones, that I'd come by in my adventures. I had a subscription. One month there was an advertisement for a national essay contest. [...]


Taos Valley Overlook scene

That’s Lobo Peak in the distance. I want to hike up there soon.

Oh, it's hard sometimes, knowing which way to go. My sister just had an operation on her trachea to manage a cancer scare. She's in a hospital in Dallas and doing fine, but I've lost one sister already to liver cancer, and this makes me stumble. My wife will need a troubling operation on her [...]

New Mexico Saturday

sunset from Llano Quemado

It’s not New Mexico without at least a little sun

A few days ago I was wound tighter than puke, loco, in the clutches of the Christmas monster. Fortunately, that passed, but by Saturday morning, I was overdue to take a hike. I hadn't walked in several days, and already I could feel my knee-bones start to wander. They have their nerve. It was a [...]

Yellow Roads of Taos

Taos Valley Overlook scene

The pun is not too subtle, is it?

Something strange happens almost every time I'm out here. The energy on this particular stretch is rather strong, in fact. This is more or less where I once "fell" twice on successive days, going each way. The first time was a surprise. The second time, I was actually trying not to fall down, aware of [...]

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