Come a Ki Yi Yippee Yippee Yay

old West

I’m moving in here

Now see, back then they didn’t need to call them man caves. (I hate that term, even though I’ve turned everywhere I’ve ever lived into exactly that.) No, they just had all kinds of manly things and had to put them somewhere. Dozens of rifles behind that door, for example, just in case, I guess. The windows in this room have laced buckskin drapes, by the way.

I don’t think I’ll tell anybody where this is just yet. Feeling kind of frisky.

UPDATE, 7-16-2017: The “New Mexico Room” at the Villa Philmonte at Philmont Scout Camp near Cimarron, NM. There. Now you know!

  • M.J. July 27, 2017, 7:27 AM

    Cool place! I just realized my favorite room in my house is a man cave! Shock! Leather recliners, buffalo and Indian pictures, wolf and deer pillows, fur and Indian blankets, longhorn rug, and a few of those guns you were talking about in the closet. So women can love those man caves too. Just don’t tell. I’m going to have to stop by that Philmont Scout Camp when I’m near Cimarron next time. That is a beautiful drive!

    • JHF July 31, 2017, 1:01 AM

      Check the Philmont website. You can tour the villa with a guide. It’s free, and when we were there, it was just us two. At this room in the villa, I told our guide that I’d be moving in there. I think I’d like your house! Watch out.

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